Blend Quizzes on Your Site with Riddle’s CSS Style Override

Social data giant Kissmetrics knows that quizzes and interactive content are flat-out awesome at boosting engagement. They turn passive readers into viral brand advocates - increasing time on site and social shares. But why disrupt your site’s [...]

Content Marketing Superheroes – Best in Class Examples

Every week, we love seeing how some of the biggest brand, teams, and publishers engage their audience with Riddle's quiz, list, and other content tools as part of their content marketing plans. Here are a few of [...]

Custom Fonts in Your Riddles

Want your Riddle quiz, list, or poll to be a perfect match to your site? As part of our Enterprise plan, Riddle now offers support for unlimited Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit Fonts, as well [...]

Protected: Add Google Analytics tags to your Riddles (Riddle University)

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Riddle University: how to use the In-Quiz iFrame

Adding lead generation to interactive content like quizzes, lists, and polls is powerful. Your audience is at their most engaged - so it's a perfect time to ask for their name and email address for newsletter [...]

Riddle University: Blend your embed to your site with our CSS Style Override

Did you know that you can use our CSS Style Override to seamlessly embed and match your Riddle quiz, list, or poll to your website's look and feel? Yup - from button styling to text, [...]

Riddle University: Embed your Riddles at any width

Do you want to embed your Riddle content at different width than our standard 640 pixels? No problem at all... Riddles scale up or down to any size - so whether it's 217 pixels or [...]

Geeking out – Process Riddle data on your own server

We told you already how you can use to connect Riddle to a whole set of tools like Google Sheets or in this post. Now we are going to get your inner geek [...]

Using Zapier with Riddle

Connect Riddle to anything We often get the question - "Riddle's great, but can I send the data to any CRM system like SalesForce or Marketo?" To solve this need, we've created the ultimate [...]

Why Riddle’s pricing is changing (or “freemium isn’t perfect”)

We are making a tough decision that goes completely contrary to the "Make Everything Free" movement that has taken the internet by storm. Starting July 4th, 2016, we will no longer be offering an 'all [...]